Stone In Progress - Envisions

With pavements of all different kinds, from red to grey tones, squared to rectangular shapes, it became time for Gemeente Eindhoven, the municipality, to reach out to Envisions to join the process of rethinking the pavements of the city for the upcoming 40 years.

Envisionaires Iwan Pol, Simone Post, Tijs Gilde and Tomas Dirrix were invited to uncover and dive into the manufacturing process of concrete stones by visiting a number of dutch concrete manufacturers.
The designers translated the knowledge they gained into hand made material experiments to find the boundaries and possibilities within the material.

Research structure, textures and colour use began to take shape. While being mindful of the briefing set by the gemeente, the designers maintained the experimental envisions way of working by developing an impressive collection of unique samples which sought to challenge the Gemeente Eindhoven to come across some innovative and new ideas by envisioning the future pavements.

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Photography by Ronald Smits